Monday, 20 February 2012


As expected, the WGA winners were Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris (Original Screenplay) and Nat Faxon, Alexander Payne and Jim Rash for The Descendants (Adapted Screenplay) with Kelly Duane and Katie Galloway winning for Better This World in the documentary category. The Artist wasn't eligible for Original Screenplay and thus wasn't nominated. The Golden Globes also chose Allen (in their combined Screenplay category), as did the BFCA, but the BAFTA win for Michel Hazanavicius may prove significant - no group is as similar to AMPAS in structure as BAFTA...In Adapted Screenplay, it's been a two-horse race all season between The Descendants and Moneyball - The Descendants won 12 critics' groups awards and was nominated for a further 9; Moneyball won 13 and was nominated for a further 8! Now The Descendants has both the Scripter and the WGA under its belt, which surely places it in frontrunner position, but this is still an extremely narrow race. Moneyball could easily win the Oscar still, being about as close behind The Descendants as possible at this stage.

My predictions? The Artist and The Descendants