Monday, 11 February 2013


Best Picture
1.     Holy Motors
2.        Tabu
3.        Amour
4.        Zero Dark Thirty
5.        The Master
6.        Moonrise Kingdom
7.        Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
8.        Django Unchained
9.        Lincoln
10.     Cloud Atlas
Best Director
1.     Leos Carax (Holy Motors)
2.        Miguel Gomes (Tabu)
Best Actor
1.     Denis Lavant (Holy Motors)
2.        Jean-Louis Trintignant (Amour)
Best Actress
1.     Emmanuelle Riva (Amour)
2.        Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone)
Best Supporting Actor
1.     Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Master)
2.        Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained)
Best Supporting Actress
1.     Amy Adams (The Master)
2.        Rosemarie DeWitt (Your Sister’s Sister)
Best Original Screenplay
1.     Miguel Gomes and Mariana Ricardo (Tabu)
2.        Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola (Moonrise Kingdom)
Best Adapted Screenplay
1.     Joachim Trier and Eskil Vogt (Oslo, August 31st)
2.        Tony Kushner (Lincoln)

Best Cinematography
1.     Gökhan Tiryaki (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia)
2.        Mihai Malaimare Jr. (The Master)
Best Editing
1.     William Goldenberg and Dylan Tichenor (Zero Dark Thirty)
2.        Andrew Weisblum (Moonrise Kingdom)
Best Production Design
1.     Adam Stockhausen (Moonrise Kingdom)
2.        Sarah Greenwood (Anna Karenina)
Best Original Score
1.     Dario Marianelli (Anna Karenina)
2.        Jonny Greenwood (The Master)
Best Ensemble
1.     Moonrise Kingdom
2.        Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
Best Animated Film
1.     Arrietty
2.        Tatsumi
Best Documentary
1.     This Is Not a Film
2.        Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
Best Film Not in the English Language
1.     Holy Motors
2.        Tabu
3.        Amour
4.        Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
5.        Oslo, August 31st
6.        The Turin Horse
7.        The Kid With a Bike
8.        Rust and Bone
9.        Alps
10.     This Is Not a Film

The ICS delivers their verdict on the films of 2012, being the last of the critic organisations to do so, by a long way. And their choices are perhaps more reflective of the critical opinion in America last year than many of the more famous groups'. Holy Motors is a big winner, and Tabu was also popular. These are right up my street. Nominations can be found here.