Friday, 24 May 2013


Arnaud des Pallieres' adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist's novella has marked one of the biggest disappointments of the Cannes Official Competition in this year's festival, with poor reviews coming in from all sources.

Variety's Jay Weissberg initially doesn't seem too troubled by Michael Kohlhaas, but his list of complaints only expands as his review progresses. Jordan Mintzer writes that des Pallieres seems 'less interested in pulling off a Frecnh-language Game of Thrones than in creating a moody and atmospheric costume drama' in The Hollywood Reporter, and doesn't come across impressed at the results. And Screen Daily's Jonathan Romney is one of many to lament the lack of interest in Mads Mikkelsen's lead performance. CineVue's Twitter account does praise Mikkelsen, though, but not the film, and The Guardian's Xan Brooks' mentions 'so much wasted nobility.'