Friday, 31 May 2013


I have a lot of faith in Denis Villeneuve, but this is yet another case of a respectable international filmmaker going to Hollywood and being lumbered with a hackneyed screenplay like this. There are plenty of kidnappings of young girls all around the world every day - how many of them turn out like this? I get the argument that you might not want to see a movie about a kidnapping which doesn't turn out so dramatic, but isn't such a situation bloody dramatic to begin with? I'm not sure I can stomach the schlock. Also, "I'm gonna find your daughter"... wait what? No detective would ever say that. And Jake Gyllenhaal could never be a detective. I mean, that's just that. Also, ain't it telling how this is from the perspective of the white family rather than the black family? Roger Deakins is the DP, there's your bright spot.