Sunday, 23 June 2013


Evidently, the moderate success of Men in Black 3 was enough to convince studios that mounting sequels to films released years ago is a smart financial move, despite films like Scream 4 and A Good Day to Die Hard bombing. Sure, Monsters University is currently raking it in at the domestic box office. The Independence Day sequel, which I think tops Jurassic Park 4 in arriving 91 years after the last film in the franchise (it's not even a franchise lol), definitely won't star Will Smith, because, according to director hack Roland Emmerich, he's too expensive. After the dreadful B.O. performance of After Earth, Big Willy could be asking for $20 and he'd still be too expensive. Some characters from the first film will reappear though, and Bill Pullman's President Whitmore is reported to be among those. Do I care? Fuck no, Independence Day's an awful film!