Friday, 30 August 2013


Whether they liked it or not, the reaction from most critics at Telluride to Jason Reitman's Labour Day has been admiration. Apparently a major change of pace for the director, responses for the film have not been particularly exultant, but its awards prospects have been noted by many. Gregory Ellwood praises the lead performance of Kate Winslet in HitFix, and gives 'a lion's share of the credit of what works' to Reitman. Another to note Reitman's visual skill is Peter Debruge at Variety, and DP Eric Steelberg also enjoys good write-ups all around. Chris Willman in The Playlist is not the only one to note the narrative contrivances in Labour Day, but his C grade review is nevertheless full of positive remarks. We may have to wait for a longer review from Awards Daily's Sasha Stone, but in her quick take, she too gives notice to Reitman's attention to detail.