Monday, 30 September 2013


In the nine years since They Came Back, Robin Campillo's been up to rather a lot, writing, editing, and turning his debut film into the popular TV series Les Revenants. He's now directed another film, Eastern Boys, a drama / thriller about a man who frequents Paris' Gare du Nord in search of a partner, and gets involved in more than he had expected. Reviews have so far been strong on the LGBT-themed film, and Campillo won the Venice Horizons Award at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month. I'm glad to catch this one at LFF when I'm there (next week! Already!) as I don't know when it's scheduled for release in the UK, or even anywhere else in the world! And though I may have had the occasional issue with Les Revenants (mostly only because it started out utterly issue-free), I trust Campillo on this one, and the below clip is promising.