Friday, 27 September 2013


After a glut of successful Oscar bait screened at Toronto and Telluride and picked up serious Oscar buzz, latecomers to the part have been deciding to forego it this time around and settle for a shot next year: first Grace of Monaco, then The Wolf of Wall Street (neither or which seem intended for prime awards season releases in 2014, though), and now Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher, whose trailer yesterday ignited a lot of interest online, and advertised its already set December release in the US, which it will now miss, of course. The trailer was promptly removed, which suggests that this decision may have been reached by yesterday. Foxcatcher looks like quality prestige product from Sony Pictures Classics, so it's likely that they reserve it for an Autumn / Winter release next year, but it'll have to be bloody good to overcome the fact that, by that stage, it'll have been somewhat sitting on Sony's shelf for well over a year.