Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Several weeks back, I made the optimistic, and tentative, prediction that Gravity would hold the top spot at the US box office for three straight weekends, but that it wouldn't be able to withstand Bad Grandpa and The Counsellor on the 25th of October. Alas, it well withstood The Counsellor (4), which bombed, as expected, with $7.8 million. But Bad Grandpa (1) was too much for Gravity (2) in its fourth frame, with $32.1 million to its $20.1 million, respectively. Gravity's 32.9% drop weekend-on-weekend was its steepest yet, but nevertheless an excellent hold for a sci-fi film, which is on the brink of crossing $200 million. Expansions for 12 Years a Slave (8) and All Is Lost (18) saw both ascend into the Top 20, with 12 Years a Slave in particular doing very well with $17,352 per-theatre in 123 screens.

Captain Phillips (3) continued to hold very well indeed, with a mere 29.1% drop in its third weekend. Good holds for Enough Said (9), We're the Millers (13) and Despicable Me 2 (20) were among the highlights in the Top 20, whereas The Fifth Estate (14), Runner Runner (15) and Don Jon (19) each fell sex spots with heavy losses since last weekend, and Carrie (6) saw a high drop-off too. In limited release, two French Cannes hits opened to rather different results: Blue Is the Warmest Colour (34) did fine taking in just over $100k in four theatres, though not a huge number for the NC-17-rated Palme d'Or winner, while Claire Denis' Bastards (75) could only manage $4,432 in one theatre in New York. Jehane Noujaim's documentary The Square (53) also opened in just one theatre, but did considerably better business.

The Winner / Highest Opener: Bad Grandpa ($32,055,177)
Top Per-Theatre Average: Blue Is the Warmest Colour ($25,079)

Well, you know, Box Office Mojo and that.