Thursday, 30 January 2014


The three highest openers at the US box office over the January 17-19 weekend tallied grosses inverse to their budgets, with the cheapest coming out on top and the most expensive opening down in fourth. Ride Along topped Cloverfield's previous January opening weekend record with $41.5 million, proof of the strong appeal of its concept and its leading actors. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was basically dumped into theatres by a tentative Paramount, and it made a mere $15.5 million - certainly not the Jason Bourne style start they had obviously once been hoping for. Open Road Films still haven't reported actuals for their animated film The Nut Job, though it seems it took in around $19.4 million in third place, a fair amount for the family film up against box office behemoth Frozen, which fell just 20.1% since the weekend before. And horror movie Devil's Due bombed in seventh place, though it still managed to take in more than its entire budget in those three days. Expansions for Oscar nominees reaped strong results, with both Gravity and 12 Years a Slave making it back into the Top 20, and Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips into the Top 25.

Top 10
  1. Ride Along ($41,516,170)
  2. Lone Survivor ($22,058,815)
  3. The Nut Job ($19,423,000)
  4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ($15,451,981)
  5. Frozen ($11,771,854)
  6. American Hustle ($9,866,363)
  7. Devil's Due ($8,308,220)
  8. August: Osage County ($7,364,721)
  9. The Wolf of Wall Street ($7,069,383)
  10. Her ($4,034,417)