Thursday, 30 January 2014


Bruce Broughton, former governor of AMPAS' music branch and a sitting member of the executive committee, composed the music for Christian film Alone Yet Not Alone, which was (apparently) released last year in the US. His song, 'Alone Yet Not Alone', for which the lyrics were written by Dennis Spiegel (and which is shit), received an Oscar nomination earlier this month for Best Original Song. I thought it might have been nominated since it was probably near the top of the list for voters, being 'Alone Yet Not Alone' from Alone Yet Not Alone, after all. It turns out, actually, that Broughton emailed fellow branch members to raise awareness of the fact that he had a song in contention for a nomination, and that's against the rules. It's not often that the Academy does this, but they have rescinded that nomination, meaning that a film which no-one saw (it has made less than $150,000 worldwide) is now a film with no Oscar nominations. I haven't seen it myself, but it looks like proper christian shite, just as the song is. Thus, there are now four songs nominated for the Oscar, as no other will replace it on ballots. Broughton is defiant, insisting that his actions qualify as 'the simplest grassroots campaign'. Hahaha!