Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Boring news from Disney: Pixar is currently planning Cars 3, after selling out with the disappointing Cars 2 after the already-below-par Cars. Better news from Disney: Pixar is currently planning The Incredibles 2, after impressing with The Incredibles, one of their most sequel-friendly films - why has it taken so long?! Bizarre news from Universal: another film version of The Little Mermaid is on its way, only this one will be live-action, and will be directed by... Sofia Coppola? Interestingly, she's not going to serve as writer on the project, though encouragingly, it'll be very female-centric: Brits Abi Morgan and Kelly Marcel (the British strain is continued with Working Title behind it) have previously worked on the script, while Caroline Thompson, who's no stranger to fantasy fare, will take over from here on out. Joe Wright, a Working Title stalwart, has been mentioned in connection with this adaptation, though he's now overseeing another live-action fantasy update of a classic tale and Disney animated musical, Peter Pan, with Warner Bros.' Pan.