Wednesday, 9 July 2014


A silly comedy that works only because of its steadfast commitment to its silliness. There are parts that irritate - one feels that the screenwriters might have done well to rethink how they were applying their conceit in relation to specific gags - but there are many more that swiftly restore confidence in the comedy. As an exercise in absurdity, it's unfortunately haphazard and occasionally blighted by a wry, contemporary American tone that chafes against the more nonsensical elements. Still, They Came Together is, like all comedies, basically reliant on the strength of its comedic content, which is sufficient to sustain the film through its short runtime. And its waywardness does have one benefit: you're never sure exactly where the next joke will be mined from, nor how it will be executed, and the surprise factor is utilised to good effect in this film. It's often combined with an enormous cringe, but I only ended up admiring the actors and the writers for taking that key comedic practice of abandoning one's ego to its extremity. And there's an unforgettable cameo that sees an established star in another right do the exact same thing - this is a bizarre moment in any context, but a classic one for that! Director and co-writer David Wain employs a curious strategy of underplaying the silliness in the opening few scenes, which could be off-putting to some viewers, though they will likely settle into the film as the tone becomes gradually broader. Those who find this all a touch too broad, however, will find little comfort in what is one of the most defiantly silly American comedies of recent years.