Monday, 18 August 2014


After an 18-month wait, Emma Thompson's Effie Gray has finally secured theatrical release. The film, which Thompson wrote and co-stars in, was finished a year and a half ago, but is only now being primed for release, having been held up by two separate legal disputes accusing the film of drawing upon uncredited existing material. Metrodome will handle British distribution, with a release in October, while a US November release is currently expected. The film may have to bypass the festival season, unless it turns up at Telluride - this may have been a conscious decision. It's based on the story of the relationship between British Victorian painter John Ruskin, played by Thompson's husband Greg Wise, and his teenage bride Effie Gray, played by Dakota Fanning. Richard Laxton, who's best known for helming The Naked Civil Servant sequel An Englishman in New York and TV's recent Burton & Taylor, directed.