Sunday, 31 August 2014


The one key word that seems to keep cropping up in reviews of Barry Levinson's The Humbling from Venice is 'uneven'. It's appropriate, then, that, despite the unanimously middling reception received by the film, reactions differ markedly: some praise Al Pacino's grandstanding performance, others deride its unoriginality; some appreciate the film's comedic jaunts, others resent them; core criticisms are alternately levelled at Philip Roth's source novel, the plot's latent sexism, the treatment of supporting actors and the tonal inconsistency. Read all about it in reviews from Jessica Kiang at The Playlist, Catherine Bray at In Contention, Scott Foundas at Variety, Alonso Duralde at The Wrap, Kaleem Aftab at IndieWire, Mark Adams at Screen Daily, Peter Bradshaw at The Guardian, John Bleasdale at CineVue and Deborah Young at The Hollywood Reporter.