Wednesday, 8 October 2014



GONE GIRL [TOP SPOT] $37,513,109
Ben Affleck's highest opening in over eleven years and David Fincher's highest of all time (to date). Audiences have been reacting warmly to the R-rated thriller (the whole Top 3 carries that rating this weekend), and it ought to hold up well as Oscar buzz continues to build.
Prediction: $130-140m

ANNABELLE - $37,134,255
Less than $400k separated Annabelle, the horror prequel to The Conjuring that took first place on Friday, from Gone Girl, and their combined performances helped the box office rank as October's highest-grossing ever. It won't hold as well as its franchise predecessor, but has scored stronger with audiences than many other similar films.
Prediction: $80-90m

LEFT BEHIND - $6,300,147
Among the many curious career decisions Nicolas Cage has made in recent years, christian thriller Left Behind scores a seemingly-underwhelming, actually-impressive $6.3 million. Lightly marketed and poorly reviewed, it hasn't suggested a christian breakout hit like God's Not Deadbut this is an opening above most expectations.
Prediction: $20-30m

BANG BANG - $1,278,690

THE GOOD LIE - $841,422
Warner Bros. picked up on the lukewarm festival response to their supposed The Blind Side rip-off and dumped it in moderate release. It ought to be out of the way of Wildwhich presents a much better commercial and awards opportunity for star Reese Witherspoon.
Prediction: $0-10m

HAIDER - $508,084



After disappointing critics on the festival scene, Paramount realised the unlikelihood of Jason Reitman's new film from taking off with the awards community and released it fairly quietly before the season kicks off in earnest. They might have hoped for a stronger public reaction than this, however - less than $3,000 per-theatre in 17 cinemas is an atrocious result for the drama.
Prediction: $0-10m


A fairly successful result in just two theatres for the music documentary. The film appears to have found its target audience, if not broken out particularly.
Prediction: $0-10m

THE BLUE ROOM - $21,809
IFC should be pleased with this opening for Mathieu Amalric's challenging commercial proposition - a French-language literary adaptation arriving some months after its Cannes debut.
Prediction - $0-10m


AND SO IT GOES - $15,160,801
Rob Reiner comedy starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton actually couldn't have asked for much more than this - reviews were wretched and marketing, on a low budget, was pretty minimal. This is rather a decent result for Clarius Entertainment.

STEP UP ALL IN - $14,904,384
Frankly, a dreadful result for the final (theatrical) Step Up feature, though its international numbers have been predictably good, which ought to give Lionsgate an excuse to continue it even further.

IDA - $3,704,612
Poland's official submission to the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film 2014 racks up an impressive total in the US. It's generated a lot of buzz among arthouse audiences worldwide, and may be a frontrunner for that award come next year, should these figures be trusted.

And even the right-wing libertarian audiences in the US reject the final Atlas Shrugged film, which has apparently stalled at under $1 million in total.

JEALOUSY - $61,052
Little could have been expected of Philippe Garrel's black-and-white French-language drama Stateside. It wasn't even marketed toward what audience might have existed, though they didn't exactly need marketed to.

This doesn't look like a very strong result for the arthouse animation, but compare it to the films which have closed below it that had rather more potential, and it's not so bad.

MANAKAMANA - $27,738
Intense critical acclaim could only help Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab's most high-profile feature to date, distributed by Cinema Guild, to a little over $25,000 theatrically. Its audience is secured, though, among keen cinephiles who have seen and enjoyed the documentary very much.

Figures haven't been posted for EOne's R-rated rom-com, which was seemingly pulled from theatres after just one week on release. Its simultaneous VOD performance has surely played a part in this decision.

The Philippines' official Oscar submission for 2014 won't rly have needed a stronger performance than this to secure a nomination - if it's ever gonna get it, it'll do so with or without public support. But this remains a pretty paltry total for a film that deserves so much more.

A documentary that had considerably more promise, commercially, than Bond /360 were able to capitalise on. Hopefully it can attract fans online after such a short and unsuccessful theatrical run.

STRAY DOGS - $7,496
Cinema Guild massively dropped the ball with Tsai Ming Liang's extremely well-received homelessness drama. It has been dribbled out to audiences since it was met so warmly by critics over a year ago upon its premiere.