Saturday, 27 December 2014


If the best you strive to be in life is merely better than your closest contemporaries, then prepare yourself for mediocrity, because you're headed directly for it. The Skeleton Twins assumes that the adoption of more serious material and a more dramatic tone than its fellow American indie comedies of the last fifteen years amounts to the adoption of superiority over those films - in theory, it's arguable that it could contribute to such a status, though only if due attention is paid to ensuring the relative superiority of the rest of the film's constituent parts. The Skeleton Twins is, alas, a mediocre comedy, and a wholly unremarkable drama despite its (modest) efforts, though perhaps that was all that the filmmakers ever strove for. Fill fill fill, pad pad pad... I'm reaching the stage where I've seen so fucking many films like this and I've written so fucking many reviews about them - why don't you just read those reviews instead? I've nothing new to say about films like The Skeleton Twins - it's not that I dislike them individually (indeed, this is a passable, amiable, occasionally funny, occasionally touching film), just that I vehemently dislike writing about them. There are only so many words for 'decent' in the dictionary, lest I revert to administering momentary shifts into languages other than English in order to differentiate my reports on these films. It's either that or cutting and pasting, and I, personally, strive for better than that. I don't, however, strive to develop a deeper understanding of films like The Skeleton Twins, because I don't care enough and I have better things to do. Also, you don't care either, do you?