Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Luckily, Gaspar Noe's 3D boner-fest Love is, indeed, not the image above. Rather, that's Guillaume Nicloux's The Valley of Love - not a dissimilar title, then, but certainly not the same opening strategy for the two titles: Nicloux's film has been added to the main competition lineup for the Cannes Film Festival next month, while Noe's film - which had been tipped for a competition slot - will receive a Midnight Screening. Also joining The Valley of Love to bring the Palme d'Or competition slate to 19 films is Michel Franco's Chronic; you may remember Franco from his excellent film After Lucia, which featured a Michael Haneke tinge that, if present in his latest work, may have appealed to Thierry Fremaux when making his Cannes choices. It's also yet another English-language film to compete for the Palme this year, and yet another from a filmmaker who started their career making non-English-language projects. These are only some of the films that have marked late additions to the official lineup, and you can check out all of the newbies below:

In Competition
  • Chronic (Michel Franco)
  • The Valley of Love (Guillaume Nicloux)

Un Certain Regard
  • Alias Maria (Jose Luis Rugeles Gracia)
  • An (Kawase Naomi) - opening film
  • Cemetery of Splendour (Apichatpong Weerasethakul)
  • Lamb (Yared Zeleke)
  • Taklub (Brillante Mendoza)

Special Screening
  • Don't Tell Me the Boy Was Mad (Robert Guediguian)

Midnight Screening
  • Love (Gaspar Noe)

Do I detect a hint of shade? Kawase, Mendoza and Weerasethakul all relegated to Un Certain Regard? I'm all for introducing some new blood into the competition lineup - and certainly enthused by some of Fremaux's less showy choices this year - but sacrificing these three former winners in favour of filmmakers like Paolo Sorrentino (been there, done that) and Denis Villeneuve (though he may yet prove himself) doesn't cut it for me. Still, a vibrant and promising selection on the whole for the festival this year. Alongside the main strands, have a look at the films that are set to screen in Critics' Week and Directors' Fortnight as well.