Thursday, 22 October 2015


As tentatively as you can take this, it looks like the studios are being tentative about Jane Got a Gun anyway, so there's maybe no need to worry about this troubled Western any more. At least, if you were worried about when you'll get to see it - US distributors The Weinstein Company evidently didn't feel like they had a sure thing on their hands when they bumped it last minute from its August release date to a February 2016 one, having released not one promo for the film. This is the first, from France, where we have an official upcoming release of the 25th of November; it's supposedly scheduled for a UK release in the same month, but precisely when is unknown. And don't count on that February bow, American readers - Weinstein have thoroughly buried Suite Francaise, whose international rollout has been going on for almost a year now, with no US date set at present. Chances are, Jane Got a Gun isn't half the film it could have been, nor should have been, and we should all feel very sorry about that indeed. But at least we've got a fucking trailer!