Saturday, 20 February 2016


Making another claim in favour of diversity in the major festivals, Meryl Streep's jury chose a wide variety of films and filmmakers in their 2016 Berlinale awards. Gianfranco Rosi's Fire at Sea, a documentary about the refugee crisis in Europe, won the Golden Bear for Best Film - surely it can't be just a coincidence that docs keep claiming top festival prizes when entered into these competitions! And quite the achievement for Rosi on his first Golden Bear contender, less than three years after winning at Venice less than three years ago for his last film and first Golden Lion contender, Sacro GRA. Filipino auteur Lav Diaz also brought home a major award, flying the flag for marathon runtimes; the Best Director prize went to Mia Hansen-Love for Things to Come - both welcome examples of inclusion in the international film community. Good choices, Streep and co.! Check out all their choices below:

Golden Bear for Best Film
Fire at Sea (Gianfranco Rosi)

Silver Bear - Grand Jury Prize
Death in Sarajevo (Danis Tanovic)

Silver Bear - Alfred Bauer Prize
A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (Lav Diaz)

Silver Bear for Best Director
Mia Hansen-Love (Things to Come)

Silver Bear for Best Actor
Majd Mastoura (Hedi)

Silver Bear for Best Actress
Trine Dyrholm (The Commune)

Silver Bear for Best Script
Tomasz Wasilewski (United States of Love)

Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution
Lee Ping Bin (Crosscurrent)

Best First Feature
Hedi (Mohamed Ben Attia)

Golden Bear for Best Short Film
Batrachian's Ballad (Leonor Teles)

Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards
A Man Returned (Mahdi Fleifel)

Audi Short Film Award
Anchorage Prohibited (Chiang Wei Liang)