Friday, 22 April 2016


Prince Rogers Nelson, one of the most prolific and acclaimed musicians of the last 40 years, has died. He passed yesterday, the 21st of April 2016, at home in Minnesota, following a reported two weeks of an as-yet undisclosed illness. His huge success in the music industry in the last 1970s and early '80s prompted a shift into filmmaking, starring in the 1984 film Purple Rain. His song score for that film won Prince an Oscar and the first of three Grammys. His subsequent cinema ventures brought far fewer accolades, however, as Under the Cherry Moon - which he directed, starred in and composed the score for - and Graffiti Bridge - which he directed, wrote, starred in and composed the score for - were met with critical derision and lacklustre box office takings. He won three Razzie awards from ten nominations in the process. But his enormous impact upon popular culture, including cinema, endures in a positive way today, after the release of his 50th album last year. He will be remembered and beloved for many years to come.