Friday, 20 May 2016


The first awards are in from the Cannes Film Festival. Semaine de la Critique, or Critics' Week, features seven films from new and/or emerging filmmakers, many of whose debut works will compete for the weekend's upcoming Camera d'Or. All but one of these films have been covered in SOS' ongoing Cannes coverage; the lone holdout is A Yellow Bird by K. Rajagopal, for which no reviews have yet been published by major online outlets. Alas, my predicted favourite to win here, Julia Ducournau's Raw, failed to pick up an award, while my predicted least favourite, Mehmet Can Mertoglu's Album, succeeded! I'll keep the Critics' Week Poll still running, since these films will compete against the Directors' Fortnight lineup for a shared FIPRESCI Prize. Keep checking back here at SOS for updates on reviews for A Yellow Bird as the festival continues over the next few days. For now, though, here are the award winners from Critics' Week 2016:

Nespresso Grand Prize
Mimosas (Oliver Laxe)

France 4 Visionary Award
Album (Mehmet Can Mertoglu)

SACD Award
Diamond Island (Davy Chou)

Gan Foundation Award for Distribution
One Week and a Day (Asaph Polonsky)

Leica Cine Discovery Prize for Short Film
Prenjak (Wrejas Bhanuteja)

Canal+ Award for Short Film
Birth of a Leader (Antoine de Bary)