Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Funny how your opinions can change. Or, funny how you let them change, for legitimate reasons or not. I tend to forget, in the time between watching Minion movies, what my opinion on them actually is; indeed, rather than forget, I allow myself to be swayed by the opinions of others, and corroborate this information with my own, very British, distaste of anything and everything brash, successful and culturally ubiquitous. But this is not my opinion, alas, and I suspect your eyes scroll through this article not for the opinions of others, but for my own. And my own opinion is that, fuck it, I like the Minions. Every time I watch a Minion movie, they make me laugh. Now, Mower Minions is a mere mini-Minion movie among many, and, in spite of its brevity, it's unfortunately obliged to do more than make me laugh. And this it does not. A solid, moderately successful comic skit in essence, the makers of this short film neglect to identify not the necessity of cultivating its chief attributes but the inadequacy of everything else herein. The human characters in Illumination Entertainment's world aren't getting any less irritating, the aesthetic design remains crude and unattractive, the score is obnoxious and simplistic. And you're wondering, now, why on Earth I've developed such a detailed critique of a children's short film - well, it's just my opinion. A children's movie is a movie like any other when filtered through my mind, the mind of an adult. And at least I find them funny - any other adult might have dealt up an even more critical critique.