Monday, 15 August 2016


It remains to be seen whether or not 20th Century Fox decides to run Hidden Figures for awards consideration this year. Based on the above first trailer, it'd be a shame if they decided against it, since it looks rather good indeed! Releasing it early next year, mid-awards season, might help to afford it the appearance of an awards hit with general audiences, but should the film perform well from critics, it'd likely have faded come December of next year. A limited run some time late this year ought to be in order, since this appears to be one of 2016's most promising prestige projects. It hasn't appeared on any fall festival lineups either, which is a worrying sign. Director Theodore Melfi will be familiar to many from 2014's St. Vincent. And I see you, Janelle Monae: between this and Moonlight, you're coming for those awards henny! Out in the US, officially (for now), on the 13th of January and in the UK on the 24th of February.