Wednesday, 21 September 2016


'This is Serra's best film'
Kent Jones, Film Comment

'Albert Serra's amazing The Death of Louis XIV is that rare film which is beloved both by the most hardcore cinephiles, and the general public'
Nina Menkes, Filmmaker

'Much as certain novels can be described as page-turners, this film is incontestably a frame-turner'
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Film Comment

Any good film fan would do well to schedule some Albert Serra into their festival programmes, should they get the chance. The Catalan director's first film since 2013's Locarno Golden Leopard winner Story of My Death, The Death of Louis XIV has attracted arguably the best reviews of his career to date, a career that's seeing Serra's star rise with each new feature. Premiering at Cannes in May, and embarking on a hefty and award-winning festival run through the summer and autumn, it'll arrive at LFF next month, where it naturally ranked highly indeed on my list of must-see titles. Easily one of my most-anticipated films of the year.