Saturday, 24 September 2016


'Just lovely'
David Hudson, Fandor

'Green makes films for anyone willing to enter his peculiar universe of expressive purity and (mostly) suspended cynicism, to which "Joseph" reps one of his most beguiling invitations'
Guy Lodge, Variety

'As a film that's actually about goodness, Le Fils de Joseph is quite a rare beast'
Emma Myers, Brooklyn Magazine

If you're looking for a real European film festival experience, you can't do much better than Eugene Green. This most esoteric of auteurs has premiered films in Cannes, Locarno, Turin and, most recently, Berlin, where his latest, The Son of Joseph opened earlier this year. I'm guaranteed to see no other film quite like it at the London Film Festival next month, where it comprises one part of my 23-strong schedule. With good reviews from critics from the various festivals at which it has screened through the year, this is a title that I'm certainly looking forward to seeing, not least for the fact that it's a tad unlikely to ever arrive at a cinema near me!