Tuesday, 20 December 2016


And now, instalment #383 in the critics-dominated section of awards season 2016-17, most of which feels like it's happened over these past few days. It's The AV Club's turn, and their choices are as follows:

Best Film
1. Manchester by the Sea
2. Moonlight
3. Green Room
4. La La Land
5. Hell or High Water
6. The Handmaiden
7. Arrival
8. Toni Erdmann
9. Paterson
10. The Lobster
11. Elle
12. American Honey
13. Silence
14. The Fits
15. Everybody Wants Some!!
16. The Witch
17. Right Now, Wrong Then
18. Midnight Special
19. Jackie
20. Louder Than Bombs

Best Scene
'"Would that it were so simple"' (Hail, Caesar!)
'III. The Dark Side' (Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World)
'The airport brawl' (Captain America: Civil War)
'The commune watches Weekend Live' (Don't Think Twice)
'Cujo on steroids' (Don't Breathe)
'The distraught boxer' (Cameraperson)
'The ending' (The Lobster)
'The epilogue' (Hell or High Water)
'Fast-forward apocalypse' (High-Rise)
'Fatherly wisdom' (Morris from America)
'The final broadcast' (Christine)
'The final broadcast' (Kate Plays Christine)
'First contact' (Arrival)
"The Fools Who Dream"' (La La Land)
'George Michael' (Keanu)
'An invitation to lunch' (Manchester by the Sea)
'Kai Tak cruise terminal' (Kill Zone 2)
'Mansion detour' (American Honey)
'A meeting with Dean Caudwell' (Indignation)
'A meeting with King Louie' (The Jungle Book)
'Menstruation conversation' (20th Century Women)
'"Moon Is Up"' (A Bigger Splash)
'"Once, I was a fucking jet engine"' (Sing Street)
'Opening credits' (Deadpool)
'Pat opens the door' (Green Room)
'"Sabotage"' (Star Trek Beyond)
'Swimming pool bombing' (Mechanic: Resurrection)
'A tough talk' (Moonlight)
'Touring the multiverse' (Doctor Strange)
'Unexpected farewell' (Certain Women)
'An unholy seduction' (The Witch)
'Whitney Schnuck' (Toni Erdmann)

Best Trailer
1. Moonlight
2. 'First teaser' (La La Land)
3. 'Teaser' (Jackie)
4. 'Teaser' (10 Cloverfield Lane)
5. 'Trailer 1' (Rogue One)
6. 'Trailer 1' (Lights Out)
7. 'The Woods' (Blair Witch)
8. 'Red band trailer' (Logan)
9. The Handmaiden
10. A Bigger Splash

Worst Film
1. London Has Fallen
2. Norm of the North
3. 31
4. I Saw the Light
5. Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
6. Alice Through the Looking Glass
7. Warcraft
8. Yoga Hosers
9. Nine Lives
10. 11 Minutes
11. Mother's Day
12. Hitler's Folly
13. The Angry Birds Movie
14. Cabin Fever
15. Exposed
16. Miracles from Heaven
17. Term Life
18. Mojave
19. Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?
20. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice