Wednesday, 29 May 2013


After its Palme d'Or win on Sunday and all the rave reviews before that, all the haters have wormed their way out of the soil for Blue Is the Warmest Colour, and among them is Julie Maroh, the writer of the grahic novel on which the film is based. Have a gander at some choice quotes (translated from French):

'Maybe there was someone there to awkwardly imitate the possible positions with their hands, and/or to show them some porn of so-called "lesbians" (unfortunately it's hardly ever actually for a lesbian audience). Because - except for a few passages - this is all that it brings to my mind: a brutal and surgical display, exuberant and cold, of so-called lesbian sex, which turned into porn, and made me feel very ill at ease.'

'I deeply wish to thank all those who appeared surprised, shocked, disgusted with the fact that Kechiche had no words for me when he received his Palme. No doubt he had good reasons not to do it, just like he certainly had good reasons for not making me more visible on the red carpet in Cannes (even though I crossed the whole country to join them)...'

'He hasn't mentioned it in front of the cameras, but the night of the official screening in Cannes, a few witnesses heard him tell me <<Thanks, you were the starting point>> while he strongly held my hand.'

Yeah, you were the starting point. Not the entire film. Your graphic novel is one thing, and his film is another entirely. #getoverit?

Oh and fucking make yourself more 'visible' on the red carpet. That's not anybody else's responsibility.

For a read of the whole thing, click the pic!