Friday, 15 August 2014


David Ayer's Furystarring Brad Pitt, is reported to have been unfinished in time for submission to the major upcoming festivals; it's been absent from the announced lineups for both Venice and Toronto. It may yet appear at Telluride, whose selection is kept secret until the festival begins, but that's at best just a possibility at present. The film has just had its US release date moved up a month to the 17th of October, which will see it competing directly against many of those August / September films which will be riding major buzz at that time. No official reason has yet been provided for the date change, though its UK release remains the same, now following the US opening, on the 24th of October. Meanwhile, on the 19th, it'll close the London Film Festival - one fest appearance it will be making, but by this stage we'll at least know it's definitely complete and ready for viewing.