Sunday, 15 February 2015


Sorry, I know this post is tragically late, but I've been rather busy and feel that David Carr deserves an obituary on Screen On Screen better late than never. Carr, the esteemed New York Times journalist, died Thursday, the 12th of February, due to complications from lung cancer and heart disease. Few film writers were so knowledgeable, few so frank and engaging in their writing, few so respected not only among the journalism community but among society on a wider scale. Alongside writing for the NYT, including his popular stint as the Carpetbagger, Carr also wrote for the Washington City Paper and The Atlantic Monthly. In 2008, he published a memoir, entitled The Night of the Gun. He is survived by his second wife, Jill Rooney Carr, and his three daughters, Erin, Meagan and Maddie. He is much missed already by film lovers worldwide.